Friday, January 4, 2013

Missing Rebecca

Missing Rebecca by John Worsley Simpson is a difficult book. If I hadn't promised to review it I would have ditched it after the first 30 pages or so. Which would have been a shame because the second half of the book is quite good.

The story begins with Liam Peters trying to get people to believe that his wife Rebecca has disappeared from a local mall. It turns out they haven't known each other long and have only been married a short while. Turns out he doesn't know much about her at all. It's a good start but soon I realized that I didn't like Peters and the more I learned about Rebecca the less I liked her. Hard to care about what happens to character you don't like.

Without going into to much detail there's a cliched subplot that involves a big drug company doing dirty deals. And the witness protection program. I think I could actually make a case for the protagonist of this book not being Peters or Rebecca but the G-man searching for Rebecca.

The one thing that really bothered me about this book was Peter's combat abilities. He's supposed to be this lazy, rich kid but when he gets kidnapped he breaks free and takes bad guys out. That's when we get a throw away line about him having spend six months in the Navy Seals. That bugged me a lot while I was reading. Turns out the rest of the book is unbelievable if you don't believe he's been trained by this elite group. I didn't. I did a little research and found out that nobody spends six months as a Navy Seals. According to what I found on their website there's 20 months of training before you go on your first mission. No lazy rich kid is going to spend that kind of time just to piss his dad off.

The second half of the book gets interesting. I still didn't like Peter's or Rebecca but at least the action was different. Rebecca's end was well deserved. It doesn't compensate for how bad the first half of the book is.

I received a review copy of this book.