Friday, November 23, 2012

Resurrection Express

Resurrection Express by Stephen Romano is an interesting thriller with lots of twists and turns. At least that's what a note I wrote immediately after I finished reading it said. A couple of weeks later I only vaguely remember this book. That's not a good sign.

What I do remember of the book is a rather complicated story. I remember I read it quite quickly so it must of been interesting. I didn't make note of any major nitpicks so I must have been enjoying it.

The story revolves around a computer hacker named Elroy Coffin. There are a number of what the book blurb calls "criminal masterminds" floating around. You can't be too sure if Coffin is working for one or not. Some of those criminal masterminds are a little too cliched: too crazy, too immoral and too fond of hearing their own voices.

There's a lot of violence in this book and the high body count that goes with it. Fairly typical for thrillers. Towards the end, it gets kind of silly with a revelation that shows that Coffin may have been involved with the project at hand for many years but he didn't know it.

Even though a lot of the details of the book haven't stuck with me, I'm going to say I liked the book. I finished it fast. I think I read it in one day. I'm probably going to read it again. I can't say that about a lot of the books I've reviewed that I do remember clearly. I would gladly read another book by Stephen Romano.

I've also learned that I have to write the review right after I finish the book. Live and learn.

I received a  review copy of this book.