Friday, October 5, 2012

Ghost Trackers

Ghost Trackers is written by TV's Ghost Hunters, Jason Dawes and Grant Wilson, with novelist Tim Waggoner. I'll admit I used to watch Ghost Hunters every now and then. It was good for a laugh. When I was offered a review copy of this book I was skeptical.

Turns out it's not a bad novel. It sort of reminds me of V. C. Andrews or John Saul. As I was reading it I felt that it was trying to be like Stephen King but not quite making it. I guess if you read enough horror it all starts to seem the same.

The main characters are Amber, Drew and Trevor. 15 years ago they went into a haunted house and ended up at the side of the road with no memory of what happened in the house. Since then Drew has become a psychologist, Trevor writes about the supernatural.

On the other hand, Amber is totally screwed up. She exists on a disability pension because she can't function due to depression, nightmares and possibly agoraphobia. And there you get to the thing that bugged me most. The only female main character in the series is the screwed up one. It could just as easily been either of the two males but no. They had to make the woman be the one who can't cope. And then, later in the book, she's used as bait. I'm so tired of horror movie tropes. At that point I almost threw this book against the wall.

Most of theaction of the book takes place during a reunion weekend. The three amigos are vacillating between wanting to find out what really happened way back when and forgetting all about it. Too bad the Big Bad has other plans. Soon people start dying and Amber is kidnapped.

As I said Ghost Trackers is not a bad book. The three main characters are likable. Once you figure out what's going on you'll want to read the rest just to find out how it all works itself out.

I received a review copy of this book.