Friday, September 21, 2012

Killer Librarian

Killer Librarian by Mary Lou Kirwin is a cozy set in London, England. Karen Nash is a librarian from Minnesota who gets dumped by her boyfriend, Dave, the night before the couple are supposed to go on a dream trip to London. She decides to go on the trip alone but sees him and his younger girlfriend at the airport.

After that, Dave becomes a subplot which I found a bit ridiculous. Karen tells a stranger in a pub about being dumped and he offers to take care of it. When she sobers up, Karen thinks she's sent a killer after her ex. I had a suspicion about who the stranger was and I was right. Still I kept waiting for Dave to turn up dead. It was a long wait. He was an ass.

Meanwhile Karen is having "something" with the owner of her B&B. It's cute until another woman shows up and Karen feels she can't compete. I don't understand why many mysteries written by women set up this competition (usually only in one woman's head) between women. It's the 21st century, haven't we got better things to do than compare ourselves to other women and find ourselves lacking?

Overall, I liked this book. It was an easy read and entertaining. The "main" death in this mystery is almost an after thought - not a lot of time is spent on it compared to other mysteries. I also have a bit of a nitpick with a sentence on the front cover:
When she checks in someone always checks out...
It sounds like librarian is the killer and that couldn't be farther from the truth. I guess I have a nitpick with the title too.

I received a review copy of this book.