Friday, August 3, 2012

The Calypso Directive

The Calypso Directive by Brian Andrews is a fast paced thriller. Will Foster escapes from medical quarantine and goes on the run. He needs to figure out what's been done to him and why. Luckily he has an ex-girlfriend who can help him.

I enjoyed this book. It's premise was plausible. Things moved along swiftly. The medical jibber jabber was kept to a minimum. I'd love to see more books featuring members of the "think tank." Two things I could have done without: the psycho bounty hunters and the ending.

When I read a book that has good guys and bad guys, I want all the good guys to win. I do not want one or more of the good guys to end up in the same - or worse - situation from where they started. I also want all the bad guys punished. No bad guy should ever get rewarded at the end of the book. I know reality is like that but I read as an escape from reality. I need my good guys to have good endings.

Even with the unsatisfactory ending, this book was still a worthwhile read. The questions surrounding genetics and who owns our genes are relevant in a time when companies are taking out patents on them.

I received a review copy of this book