Sunday, June 10, 2012

Parade's Summer Reading Guide

I got an interesting email from the people at Parade magazine:

In PARADE's 2012 Summer Reading Guide out this Sunday, Castle star Nathan Fillion graces our cover and reveals why he's hooked on books. Fillion’s favorite books are a fitting selection for an actor who has earned serious cult status— just ask his million-plus Twitter followers. “I’m the biggest geek of all,” he tells PARADE. “Adventure, fantasy, comic books—I can’t get enough.” As the son of two highschool English teachers, actor Nathan Fillion, who plays a mystery novelist turned crime solver on ABC’s Castle, learned early on that books possess magical qualities. “Whatever our bedtime was as kids, we could stay up an extra half hour if we were reading,” Fillion tells PARADE for this Sunday’s issue. “Now I read in bed, I read at work. I read standing in line. It’s like, ‘Hello, my name is Nathan and I am a reader.’ ”

 A sampling of Nathan’s favorite reads:

Close to Shore: A True Story of Terror in an Age of Innocence by Michael Capuzzo “I love reading about shark attacks,” Fillion says about this real-life story of a Jaws-like rampage on the New Jersey coast in 1916. “A book that can make you afraid? I love it.”

The Spenser detective novels by Robert B. Parker “Spenser’s supertough, but he’s not indestructible. He’s got just the right amount of macho. If they remake that TV series [Spenser: For Hire, in which Robert Urich starred in the 1980s], I’d be interested.”

See video of Fillion at the shoot and hear more about his series, fans, and summer travel plans. Plus, sample the new Richard Castle Mystery: on the Parade website