Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hunger Games

I'll admit that I never heard of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games until they started to make a movie of it. From the beginning the fans had definite ideas about who should play what parts and how the movie should look. I purposely did not watch any of the trailers or look at any of the images leaked to the media before I read the book. Now that I have, I can say I think the movie will be very interesting.

North America is now the country of Panem which is ruled by the Capital. There are twelve Districts. There used to be thirteen but one rebelled and was nuked or something. Every year each of the Districts must send a young male and a young female as "tributes" to compete in the Hunger Games. Think of it as Survivor to the death. Or as they say in the Highlander world: There can be only one!

When her little sister is picked as a tribute Katniss volunteers to go in her place. She is sent to the Capital with Peeta, the baker's son who has a crush on her. I figured that Katniss would win the games. I also thought someone else would kill Peeta and then Katniss would kill them. I was wrong.

I enjoyed the book. I felt sorry for Peeta, especially at the end. I kind of hate that it's the first of a trilogy. I hope the other two books are really good. Maybe they'll make movies out of them too. I've read that the plot is very similar to Battle Royale by Koushun  Takami which was published in 1999 (THG was published in 2008) but since I haven't read it I can't comment.