Friday, March 30, 2012

Blood Law

Blood Law by Jeannie Holmes is the first book in the Alexandra Sabian series. Sabian is an "Enforcer" with the Federal Bureau of Preternateral Investigation (FBPI) investigating a series of vampire beheadings. Sabian, like everyone who works for the FBPI, is a vampire. The murders are similar to the 1968 murder of her father.

I have got to stop reading other people's reviews. I read one that said they were totally surprised by who the killer was. Really? The first page tells you it's someone who loved a woman named Claire who was killed by vampires. They blame Sabian for not catching the killers. At the first crime scene Sabian says it's someone with basic forensic knowledge. A few chapters later you find out it's Claire's husband.  Towards the end of the book, the human/vampire liaison officer has a conversation with someone who, if he was in the book at all, it was only to say a word or two. The killer said he was going to be there. Might as well have but a big red sign saying killer over his head. Do you need to be slapped in the face with a trout before you notice?

How could anyone be surprised at the identity of the killer? If you didn't notice you weren't really reading. That is right up there with not knowing that Rue from The Hunger Games was black.  Don't get me started! That's a whole other blog post. Grr.


The book revolves around one cliche after another. Small town prejudice. Hick sheriff who hates vampires. Anti-vampire hate groups. Former lover/mentor being called in to look over Sabian's shoulder. Bad guy wants to hurt Sabian so he intends on going after the only family member he knows about as a finale. Cliche.  If Holmes had tried any harder to connect the vampire rights movement with the civil rights movement she might have given herself a concussion.

There's nothing new for vampire lovers in this book. Even the terminology is old. Sabian is an "Enforcer" which is a term you'll find in many books. Her ex-fiance used to be a Hunter before vampires "came out" after the murder of Sabian's father. They're not even used in an original way. Could she not have found some  name for her vampire investigators other than the FBPI?

All this might give you the impression I didn't like this book. Not so. It was okay. Totally worth taking a couple of hours to read. The characters were cliched but  I can see them developing into something more. You have to take what I say with a grain of salt. I have read hundreds of vampire novels. I live in eternal hope of finding something new.