Friday, January 20, 2012

Vegas Knights

I was seduced by a cover blurb. Again. Vegas Knights by Matt Forbeck had a really interesting premise as stated on the front cover:
It's Ocean's Eleven meets Harry Potter when two college students scam a Vegas casino - using magic.
It sounds cool. Almost too good to be true. Well it is. Vegas Knights isn't a bad book. It just doesn't live up to the promise of the cover. I'm not even sure why the word knights is in the title. The story has nothing to do with chivalry. There's not a sword around outside a stage magician's act. I suppose you could claim that the main character ends up on a crusade for all that is right and good in the world but that would be a stretch.

This is another book where I found the main characters annoying. Bill is a rich brat. Jackson is the poor kid with abandonment issues. They know just enough magic to get them into trouble. The only "noble" people in the book are the aboriginal people led by an old woman. Her young granddaughter doesn't understand what's at stake and balks at the woman's ruthlessness. Everything goes to hell pretty fast after that.

This book is a kitchen sink of cliches. The stage magician who can really do magic. The extraordinarily gifted, but untrained, college kid who just happens to be the magician's son. The "dead" wizard holding on to life at any cost. Mobsters both live and dead. And zombies. That's not even getting into the Vegas cliches.

As I said, Vegas Knights is not a bad book. It is amusing in places.  I just wanted more.
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