Friday, November 18, 2011

Time of Death

Time of Death is a collection of three Eve Dallas novellas by J. D. Robb. Each of them have appeared in other forms but this book is the first time all three of them have been put together. There's no real connecting theme to these stories. There's a death and Dallas solves it. Business as usual.

Eternity In Death features a rich, young airhead who is convinced by a madman that he can give her eternal youth. Think of it as Eve Dallas, Vampire Slayer. Complete with stake. You get what you'd expect: lots of fang jokes and garlic.

Ritual In Death Eve can't even go to a party without a naked man, covered in blood crashing the party. The question is who turned one of Roarke's high priced hotel suites into a Satanic ritual space complete with human sacrifice?

Missing In Death This one's new. It might be the first time that Dallas has to deal with a murder and no body. The answer to how the killer got off a ferry with a dead body might be the lamest piece of writing ever but until that point it's a pretty good puzzle.

These three stories are quick read. I finished them in a couple of hours and was left wanting more.