Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Zombie Cookbook Trailer

Book description from Amazon:
  • Intro to this anthology by members of the metal band, The Zombie Cookbook.
  • Interior art by George Silliman
  • Wokking Dead By Karina L. Fabian
  • It’s war and love when zombies invade a Korean restaurant.
  • Secret Ingredient by Lisa Haselton
  • There’s a zombie in the kitchen! That may be the case, but when spaghetti-eating zombie Clete takes a job as the assistant chef at the L-Double-J ranch, he’s not the one you need to work out for. It’s a tale of catering and culinary revenge. Would you have added the secret ingredient?
  • A Zombie Named Clete By Lisa Haselton
  • A little poem in honor of the twice-deceased Clete. Was this on his tombstone, or did he carry a copy in his pocket?
  • Beer-Battered Zombie with Butternut Squash By Becca Butcher
  • What’s a cookbook without a recipe? Not for the faint of stomach, though with a few substitutions, it might actually make a good meal. (Not everyone’s a fan of squash, after all.)
  • The Right Recipe By Lin Neiswender
  • Zombie culinary aficionados had better watch out! The zombies are not pleased to be eaten, as the editor of the Zombie Cookbookery Publications discovers in this tale of turnabout-is-fair-play.
  • Quick & Easy Zombie Pastie by Kate Sender
  • A no frills, 4-ingredient full course meal will satisfy both your Zombie’s cravings and nutritional needs.
  • Express Cuisine by Dawn Marshallsay
  • Zombie attack on a speeding train--is there really any escape? Fight, hide, jump--none of it can stop you from becoming...Express Cuisine.
  • Brain Food By Carla Girtman
  • Ah, domestic zombie bliss! It’s the Undead Cleavers mixed in with a little Arsenic and Old Lace. Can’t tell you much about this story except that the ending will surprise you as much as it did Thelma!
  • Brain Salad for Dummies by Scott Virtes
  • The practical guide for that zombie invasion. Your own little zombie poison recipe, combined with practical advice. As Scott says--Follow his advice and you might get enough sleep at night to stay two steps ahead.
  • A Zombie’s APB By Cinsearae Santiago
  • A zombie decides to give a ‘Hear ye, hear ye!’ to the human race after getting fed up with the lack of ‘good food’ these days.
  • My Big Fat Zombie Wedding by Karina Fabian 
  • So what if he’s undead? That won’t not keep Vida from marrying her true love--and neither will challenges from prejudice to unusual dietary needs stop the wedding of the decade!

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