Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Targeted Trailer

Book description from Amazon:
Chicago Police Detectives Pete Shannon and Marilyn Benson [are]thrust into a homicide investigation. A crazed sniper has been targeting cops, killing them for no apparent reason, other than for his own deranged satisfaction. The partners find themselves teamed with a pair of tough talking, abrasive, seasoned cops who do their best to interfere with the young detectives at every juncture, making their lives miserable. The hunt for the serial killer becomes a life-altering experience for the duo as they face individual challenges that threaten to destroy them. 

At the same time, Father Ed Matthews, a Catholic priest, has been accused of child molestation at the southwest side parish where he's assigned. Pete and Marilyn arrest him, but as the priest begins his journey through the Chicago judicial system, he decides to flee the city and become a fugitive. He begins a journey away from the priesthood from which he may never return.

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