Friday, September 9, 2011

Miss Pym Disposes

Josephine Tey was the first British author I ever read. While I liked The Daughter Of Time quite a bit it was a long time before I picked up another book by a UK author. I haven't read too many others. Besides taking place in a land I know relatively little about, their mysteries have a pace that I'm not used to.

When I saw Miss Pym Disposes on the library shelf I decided to give it a try. It was nothing like Daughter of Time. The murder doesn't even happen until some where around page 130. You slog through most of the book knowing exactly who is going to be killed and it's kind of obvious who the killer is. At least it was to me but maybe I've read too many mysteries to be fooled by one published in 1946.

Miss Pym, author of a book on psychology, is invited by an old school chum to give a lecture to a all girl's physical training college. I actually had to look up what that was. I had no idea PhysEd teachers went to special schools. Miss Pym decides to stay at the school for their graduation. The majority of the book describes her interactions with various students and staff at the school. It's a total snooze fest until the old school chum does something illogical and the game is afoot. So to speak.

I'm tempted to talk about a couple of red herrings but if I do it will give to much away. The book is well written and if you like British cozies you'll probably like this book. There are some amusing parts and some of the characters are interesting. I'm just not used to waiting for three quarters of a book before the main action gets going.