Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Favorite Vampire Series

I thought about posting samples of my favorite books in each genre but I realized that would make this entry extremely long. So I'll write about the genre, actually sub-genre, I read most - Vampire Fiction. Here are my top three Vampire series:

Vampire: St. Germain
Author: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
First book: Hotel Transylvania
Published: 1978
The Saint Germain Historical Fiction Series is into double digits. St. Germain is a 3000 year old mostly heterosexual vampire who gets his blood during sex, usually while giving head. A big deal is made of how well he can sexually satisfy his donors but once you get past that the books are quite interesting. If you like historical fiction you'll like these. Yarbro does a lot of research. There's a lot of detail and the plots are quite complicated. The first book I read was Blood Games. It's based in Rome at the time of Nero. St. Germain is drawn in to the politics of the time trying to dance between different factions. Yarbro's Rome is both brutal and beautiful. Much the action revolves around historical events.

Vampire: Henry Fitzroy
Author: Tanya Huff
First book: Blood Price
Published: 1991
Tanya Huff's Henry Fitzroy is the bastard son of Henry VIII. How's that for family baggage? His partner is ex-Toronto police detective Victoria (Victory) Nelson. She had to quit the force because of a problem with her eyes that left her almost blind at night. Get it? He can't work days and she can't work nights. Together the solve supernatural mysteries. Oh, did I mention that Henry makes his money by writing "bodice rippers"? The books are funny and set in Canada. What could be better? I think my all time favorite line in a vampire book is inBlood Price. Henry says, "A vampire, waiting for a demon, gets cruised in a graveyard. I love this century!"

There are five books in the "Victory Nelson" series and Huff swears that there won't be any more because she's taken Victory as far as she can go - I won't spoil it for you. Never fear, there is a new series that features Henry and his favorite "donor." The new series takes place in Vancouver!

Vampire: Jean-Claude and many others
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
First book: Guilty Pleasures
Published: 1993
TheAnita Blake Vampire Hunter series takes place in a heavily populated world. Not only are there vampires and vampire hunters but there are werewolves, wereleopards, wererats - pretty much were-anything as well as necromancers, voodoo priestesses and witches. It's hard to keep track of all the people and their complicated relationships to each other. But that's one of the things that makes the books interesting. The three main characters are Anita Blake, head vampire Jean-Claude and head werewolf Richard. The three of them have - unwillingly on Anita and Richard's part - formed a triumvirate that keeps the city under control. There's a lot of sex most of which is brought on by a kind of uncontrollable lust. Anita has a bit of a problem with the sexual aspects of her life. Each book pushes her a little bit closer to the idea that you can love more than one person at a time and you can have sex with someone you care about without them being "the one."