Friday, July 8, 2011

Tempest in the Tea Leaves

Every now and then I get offered review copies of books. Usually by the time they show up on my door step I've forgotten why I agreed to review them. I had totally forgotten about Tempest in the Tea Leaves

Of course Sunny and Det. Stone are total opposites but also attracted to each other. He thinks she's guilty and means to prove it. She knows she's innocent and sets out to prove it.

Then comes the most unbelievable part. The powers that be force Det. Stone to work with Sunny to solve the case. I couldn't help thinking that Townsend wrote this part while watching the first season of Castle. There's no logical or realistic reason this would ever happen. I think it is a total cheat and many books have dealt with similar situations in more creative ways. A drawback of the series is that this forced relationship is going to continue.

Another quibble is some of the dialogue. One snippet is an often repeated line from Disney's Hanna Montana (oh how it pains me to admit I recognized it). Using it makes Sunny sound like a teenager not a thirty year old.

As I said these are minor quibbles. The story was enjoyable, even if I did figure out who done it too early. That's a hazard when you read a lot of mysteries. Tempest in the Tea Leaves has some great characters. I want Morty to come and live with me. I'm looking forward to reading more about Sunny and her psychic adventures.