Friday, March 4, 2011

Angel Interrupted

Angel Interrupted by Chaz McGee is the second in his Dead Detective series. I haven't read the first book and I'm glad to report that this book passes the Stand Alone Test (SAT)*.

Kevin Fahey is dead. During his life he was a lousy husband, father and detective. Drunk more often than not. He was a joke. Now his "soul" is looking for redemption. He's trapped here as a ghost. He can't communicate with living. For some strange reason he can sift through people's memories to find an emotion that he can amplify to get the person to do what Fahey wants. It's a lot of work.

Fahey is following his replacement on the force. Maggie Gunn is the daughter of a retired cop. She lives for her work and has very little time or energy left for a personal life. Her current partner is an obnoxious screw up. Gunn wonders what she did to get saddled with him.

The two detectives and their ghost ride along are assigned to an apparent suicide. Within minutes it is determined that the woman was murdered. While everyone is distracted by the goings on at the crime scene, a four year old boy is abducted. Fahey's supernatural senses lead him to the boy. He seems safe for the moment. Fahey has to figure out how to get Maggie to the boy before the lurking predator gets him. Along the way he finds out the two cases are connected.

Angel Interrupted is a good read. Watching Fahey try everything he can think of to get Maggie to the boy is interesting. I figured out the answer to both crimes before any of the detectives. That could be because I've read so many mysteries there's nothing new to me any more. Or maybe Chaz McGee is as cynical and contrary as I am and that puts us in sync.

* I believe that each novel in a series should stand alone. Someone who has never read the series should be able to pick up the story with the briefest explanations. The story should end a the end of the book. No "to be continued" allowed. :-)

Desolate Angel (Dead Detective Mystery - Book One)