Friday, February 18, 2011

Divine Misdemeanors

Divine Misdemeanors by Laurel K. Hamilton is the latest in her "Merry Gentry" series. Meredith Nic Essus is half fae and the rightful ruler of the UnSeelie Court. In order to save her unborn twins, she has given up the throne and returned to her job as a private investigator in Los Angeles.

Fae are being murdered and posed to match pictures from various books. With something that sensational you'd think that it would be the center point of the book. Not a chance. It's just a distraction from Merry's problems with her men. It seems that having a magic hoo ha doesn't solve all your problems. In fact it makes more.

I'm sorry to say that this series is going the way Hamilton's Anita Drake series is going. The books are just an excuse for kinky sex scenes. I'm beginning to wish she'd stop pretending and just write straight erotica. That way she can write what she wants and won't bore her readers. She won't have to waste pages trying to string together an interesting plot either.

That might seem like pretty strong criticism, but Hamilton is a much better writer than the crap she has been putting out  lately. I loved Merry and Anita when they first arrived. I would look forward to each novel. Now when I notice a new book I tell myself there's no hurry to read it. And that is a shame.

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