Friday, December 4, 2009

No Rest for the Wiccan

No Rest for the Wiccan is the fourth book in the Bewitching Mysteries series by Madelyn Alt. The books features Maggie O'Neill a budding psychic/witch who works in an antique store/coffee shop/magic store. Confused yet? I don't know but it all makes sense in the end.

Maggie gets guilted into looking after her "perfect" sister Mel, who is bedridden carrying her third child. The fun starts when Maggie notices her nieces talking to invisible friends. While she's trying to get a handle on these mysterious visitors she senses something not so nice. Maggie is still in the broom closet so she's not sure how to handle things with her sister who is a notorious gossip.

Eventually she has to say something about spirits in the house. Mel's first action is to phone all her friends. The next day Maggie gets a call at work from her frantic sister. Mel and her friends have been playing with a Quija board and some malicious being has them trapped.

Mel's problem, the solution and the backlash takes up most of this book. The mystery seems to have been tacked on to make the book a "mystery" novel. A hated business man is found dead apparently from an accidental fall at his place of business. Maggie gets a feeling that it was not an accident. There are very few suspects and they get ruled out quickly.

I figured out who the killer was by page 87. There are 295 pages in the book. I really hate figuring it out halfway through the book. It's such a disappointment. This was the first book of this series that I read. I didn't have to have read the others to understand Wiccan which is good. I think books in a series should be able to stand alone. Even with that I doubt I'll try any more of the books.

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