Friday, October 16, 2009

Totally Off Topic Post: The Story of Lizzie

Pets Alive is an animal shelter in New York state. Their tweets tell the story:

Just took in this precious little thing. Her name is Lizzie. She is just 3 months old. She is having seizures. Little Lizzie was left on the porch when her family moved. A neighbor found her days later.

Lizzie seizures getting worse. We are continuing to cover her medical care. Taking her to a specialist for ultrasound & liver test tomorrow.

Lizzie had to be left at specialist hospital. Not looking good for our girl.

Lizzie doing a little better today. She needs to have an MRI & a spinal tap to fully diagnose. We have thought a lot about it & the cost...

...& decided we need to try to give her a chance at life. Cost is over $1100...but if done she may have something treatable. If we don't ..

...then she will definitely die. If anyone can help with expenses...please do. We just can't give up on her if this is something fixable.

I know this decision will be controversial, to spend so much on ONE dog, but we feel that based on or philosophy we have an obligation to...

...every animal that comes into our facility to have fighting chance at life and a home. We hope you agree.

They really need your help. If you can give anything, even $5 please Click Here

I don't want this little girl to die.

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