Friday, October 23, 2009

The Good Fairies of New York

I went into The Good Fairies of New York with great expectations. I'd read a lot of blurbs that commented on how funny the book was. I thought Fairies was cute in some places, kind of amusing in others but in no way hilarious as the blurbs promised. I'll admit to feeling a bit gypped. I kept wondering when the real funny would start.

Are inept, drunken Scottish fairies who almost start a race war amongst the black and Italian fairies supposed to be funny? Is the slacker with bad hygiene and manners really the "hero" of the story? What about the girl with Crohn's disease who wants nothing more than to beat the man who jilted her in a local arts competition? Is she the heroine?

I am amazed by reviews that say the book provides insights into, among other things, "the plight of the homeless." The fairies notice when a homeless person dies. Is that what passes for insight these days?

I was totally disappointed by this book. Other people might find it outrageously funny. Humor is a subjective thing. If you've read it (or decided to read it) let me know what you think.

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