Friday, October 9, 2009

Deader Still

Deader Still is the second book by Anton Stout featuring supernatural investigator and psychometrist Simon Canderous. Manhattan's Department of Extraordinary Affairs hasn't seen a vampire incursion for 737 days. When a boat load of people turned up with bite marks on their neck and missing blood, Simon is sure that the streak is over. Of course things are never that cut and dried when you're dealing with the "extraordinary." While some aspects of the crime fit vampires, some things just don't click. When a victim's ghost sends Simon and his partner Connor in a new direction it's anyone's guess where they'll end up.

I haven't read the first book in the series Dead To Me but I enjoyed this book without it. It's the mark of a good series when each books stand alone. This book made me want to read the first one. I love the quirky characters. Simon is a former crook whose past comes back to haunt him. He's dating a nerdy girl with an astounding magical talent. My one complaint is the villains. They strut perilously close to being caricatures of evil madmen. Mostly they're just annoying.

Deader Still is part dark urban fantasy and part paranormal procedural. A lot of it is tongue-in-cheek. Some parts, like the scenes at the New York Comic Con (where the department recruits new members) are funny bordering on silly. If you like your vampires mixed with ghosts, zombies and man eating book shelves this is the book for you.

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