Monday, September 7, 2009


Eric is a vampire with short term memory loss from being embalmed. He blacks out on a regular basis. When he comes to there's always somebody dead lying around him. Staked by J.F. Lewis begins with Eric realizing that he's just torn the head off another vampire. He doesn't know why he did it or even who the vampire was. The one thing he knows is that it's almost sunrise. On the way to his 64 Mustang he's attacked by a werewolf. Eric kills him and goes home for the day where his lover finally breaks him down and he "changes" her. Upon waking, Eric learns that the werewolf he killed was the son of the local pack leader. Of course the pack is howling for revenge. Not only that but his girlfriend just isn't interesting any more.

There are a lot of typical things for a vampire novel: Eric owns a strip club with his best friend. They feed off willing strippers. The werewolves live way outside town. They are unreasonable. His lover has hurt feelings when Eric doesn't want to be with her now that she's turned.

There are also atypical things for a vampire novel: Eric's short term memory loss and blackouts. The werewolves are "holy rollers" who think vampires are an abomination. There are also a couple of characters whose nature is not fully explained. They're not human, vampire or werewolf.

The plot is predictable. I figured out what was going on halfway through the book and had to wait for Eric to figure it out at the end. The character, Eric, was the only thing that kept me reading. If he wasn't so interesting I'd have tossed the book when I figured the plot out. Eric's made adjustments to compensate his bad memory but he has no idea what's going on during his black outs. He remembers getting very angry....

I'm not sure I would read a whole series of novels with Eric as the main character. There would have to be some new characters who were just as interesting to keep me coming back. As it is Staked was a fun read.

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