Friday, September 18, 2009

Gale Force

Gale Force by Rachel Caine is the seventh book in her Weather Warden series. At the beginning of the book Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin is on vacation with her
lover, David. Their fun is cut short when an earthquake hits Florida. After a bit of searching Jo discovers the earthquake was caused by an "antimatter spear" pushed deep into the earth. Yes you read that right. I said antimatter spear. Oh and as a nice twist David, and all the other Djinn can't see it. They suspect the humans have finally gone crazy.

Thing really start to heat up when David asks Jo to marry him and she says yes. Things start happening with greater frequency and power. Let me tell you, you don't want to be in a bridal shop where Jo is trying on dresses. There a lots of people who think this union is a very bad idea. Most of them would not think killing Jo would be an extreme course of action.

I've only read a couple of the Weather Warden books. If Gale Force had been the first book I'd picked up I probably wouldn't read any more of the series. This book seems to have been written in a hurry. There's just not enough to fill a book. To make thing worse the book ends before the story does. I suspect Jo and David will win in the end but I don't know if I want to read another antimatter book to find out how.

Having said that there were some amusing bits. Some of the things Wardens and Djinn can do are interesting. Those two things aren't enough to make me think this is a good book. I got really tired of it about halfway through. Jo and David are likable characters. This storyline doesn't let you get too interested in them. They're too busy fending off the next attack to really shine.

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