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In Jumper by Steven Gould, David Rice is a 17 year old living with an abusive father. To escape from a beating he "jumps" to his favorite hideaway. Realizing that this new found ability is his chance to really escape, David runs away to New York. Things don't turn out as he planned because he has no ID and therefore no job. He decides the only thing to do is rob a bank (oh come on - you know you'd do it too.)

Living is pretty easy until he stops his neighbor from beating his wife to death by jumping him to Central Park. It's Davy's bad luck that the abuser is a NYC cop. He finds a series of safe places, each more remote than the last, where he can live without being seen. His next job is to find the mother who left him six years before. The two reconnect but before they can really get to know each other the mother is killed by a highjacker.

Davy decides to find the man who killed his mother. His search brings him to the attention of the NSA. They want to use his abilities (of course) but he refuses at first. It is only after they kidnap his girlfriend, Millie, that he decides to come to some kind of arrangement he can live with.

I enjoyed this book. I'm glad that Gould didn't spend a lot of time with Davy researching how his teleportation was possible. He's more interested in knowing if there are other like him out there. The first part of the book was a little slow but it serves to build up a character that the reader can like. The search for the terrorist is a little bit drawn out because of a constraint Gould put on Davy's ability (you'll have to read it if you want to know.)

My favorite line in the book comes from Davy just before he jumps in full view of an NSA agent, "We mean your world no harm."

Jumper was the basis for a movie but the only thing they have in common is the character named David, his abusive father and the fact that he can jump. I found the plot summery online:

David is a Jumper who can teleport himself anywhere in the world, which creates a fun and exciting life. But things turn deadly when David finds himself pursued by a secret organization sworn to kill Jumpers. Forming an uneasy alliance with another Jumper he becomes a player in a war that has been raging for thousands of years.

A lot of reviews seem to think the movie version is like the TV series Highlander.

There is also a sequel titled Reflex in which Millie finds out that she can jump too.

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  1. Sounds like this was a fun book to read. I just might have to add this book to my "need to read soon" list! Great review!

  2. Ahh i see so the movie was nothing like the book...figures i didnt like the movie much.But the book sounds like a good read


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