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Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon is the 12th book in her Dark-Hunter vampire series. It is a stand alone book that goes into the history of a character in other novels. Much like The Vampire Armand in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

Acheron is the son of two Atlantian gods. The Fates have prophesied that the child would destroy them all if it was permitted to live so his father orders the child killed. His mother rips Acheron out of her womb and has her niece put him in the belly of a pregnant queen in Greece. She has their life forces tied together so that if her baby died so would the prince. The Greek king disowns him because he has silver eyes. Acheron is sent to the king's brother in Atlantis.

Somewhere in this Acheron is cursed and becomes irresistible to practically everyone. The uncle soon forces himself on the boy. After that his is rented to anyone willing to pay the price. Next comes 400+ pages of abuse, torment and pain.

I got a little bored with it. Yes Acheron has a very good reason not to trust anyone. And it goes to show that good intentions can backfire badly. But 467 pages? I'm sure got the point by page 200.

The second half of the book shows us Acheron as he is 11, 000 years later. One would think that a fair amount of ennui would have set in but he has a mission. He trains Dark-Hunters. On a personal side he must keep all his secrets hidden in Atlantis. When a female archeologist tries to present her proof that Atlantis existed he must discredit her.

The next few chapters read like a romance novel. He likes her and is sure she'd never like him. She keeps imagining him naked but is sure he'll never like her. SIGH. Fortunately things pick up when unknown forces are looking for an artifact she's brought up from the ocean floor. Oh, and they want to kill her.

Other than the first section dragging on, this book is a good read. It may even tempt me into trying one of the other 11 books in this series.

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