Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Murder in Scorpio

In Murder in Scorpio California parapsychologist/private detective Elizabeth Chase uses her psychic gifts to solve crimes. When Sgt. Thomas McGowen's high school crush is killed in a car crash he can't shake the feeling that it wasn't an accident. Even though he's a skeptic, he asks Elizabeth to look into the death.

Soon there's no lack of suspects from the druggie ex-boyfriend the victim had restraining order against to the arrogant boss who is definitely hiding something. First time author, Martha C. Lawrence, fills her pages with interesting characters and a whodunit that works its way to a suspense filled conclusion.

I love paranormal mysteries. Ghost, vampires, werewolves I'll read them all. I especially like psychics. Elizabeth Chase is a likable (and moral) character who I hope will be featured in many more novels.

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