Monday, July 6, 2009

La Vida Vampire

La Vida Vampire is the first book in the "Oldest City Vampire" series by Nancy Haddock. Francesca (Cesca) Marinelli was buried under a house for 200 years before renovations set her free. She now lives with the new owner of the house who acts as her "sponsor" and guide into modern life. She is excited by her new job as a ghost tour guide. It's seems right up her alley until a woman on a tour ends up dead. Cesca needs to find out whodunit before the police arrest her. Worse still are anti-vampire fanatics determined to kill her.

Fist time author, Haddock, has created a quirky and funny take on the lives of the undead. The invention of sunblock allows Francesca to learn how to surf. The idea of a vampire Gidget amuses me. A lot has happened in the last 200 years so Cesca has a few problems adjusting. The fact that she hasn't had a date in two centuries leads to some interesting encounters with the modern male.

While the mystery isn't all that hard to figure out, the book is still worth a read for its humor and characters. Hopefully there will be many more in this promising new series.

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