Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blood Groove

By placing his noir-vampire novel in the 70s author Alex Bledsoe gets away with being racist and misogynistic. I consider the 70s to be the decade that taste forgot. I might be a bit biased. The treatment of blacks and women in this novel was a real turn off. In the end I didn't care about any of the characters in this book and I was bored with the violence.

European aristocrat, Baron Rudolfo Zginski, was staked in 1915 but he comes back to life when when the stake is removed. Sixty years have passed and he is now in the new world. He has no idea how to live in the modern world. His first clue is the black, woman doctor who removed the stake. To Zginski's way of thinking no woman, but especially not a black woman could be a doctor.

Ziginski sees another vampire in a picture printed in a newspaper and sets out to find any other vampires in Memphis. He gets a guide in the form of a female vampire stuck at 15 years of age. She tells him that a young vampire was found dead and bloodless in an alley. With a little detective work they figure out that a new drug is responsible for the death. Ziginski and a group of Memphis vamps track down the source of the drug. Along the way they use humans, especially women, as their slaves and meals.

I'm not really sure who the protagonist of this book is supposed to be. Ziginski? The female coroner he forces to analyze the drug? Fauvette the 15 year old vampire? I just don't know. As I said before I didn't care about any of the characters. So many of them end up dead anyway.

There was one anachronism that jolted me right out of the story. One vampire says he's gonna kick ass and take names. I looked it up and from what I can tell that phrase didn't come into common use until the 80s.

Some people like really dark, violent noir. I like it when it's done right. This just didn't feel right to me. I just never found the right groove to enjoy Blood Groove

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