Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dogs and Goddesses

Dogs and Goddess by Jennifer Cruise, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich is a fun read. Ancient temples, Mesopotamian goddesses, aphrodisiac cookies and talking dogs fill this novel with quirkiness that will make you smile if not laugh out loud.

Abby arrives in Summerville, Ohio to take a look the coffee shop she's inherited from a grandmother she never knew. Soon she discovers she has a knack for making divine pastries. With her two new friends, Daisy a web designer and Shar a history teacher. They turn the run down coffee shop into a hub of activity where people can't get enough of the cookies.

The three women find out that they are descendants of three priestesses pledged to the goddess Kammani. Kammani has awoken from a 4000 year sleep and she's ready to take over the world but she needs the power of her three priestesses to do it. Once Abby and her friends learn what Kammani has in mind they work together to stop her. Along the way the add three men and a pack of dogs (the women can understand them)to there family and learn what it means to be a goddess.

I had fun reading this book. Even the talking dogs. It had the typical romance scenario where the heroine meets a gorgeous but annoying man and fall in love with him but runs away until he catches her. But it's not hard to ignore it. I wouldn't mind reading more about three women who come into their own power and build a strong new family.

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